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Blufftop has developed and distributes products in two application areas related to actuarial financial modeling.

Table Manager

The Table Manager family of products provides a means of maintaining a collection of actuarial tables.  These products have migrated from version 3 to version 4.  Version 3 used a proprietary file format for the database, while version 4 adopts the XtbML standard developed by the Society of Actuaries in cooperation with ACORD.

Version 3 included a stand-alone application for managing a database of tables, an Excel add-in providing access to the database, and a software API that application developers can use to integrate tables into other software.  Version 4.0 only included the Excel add-in, but version 4.5 includes all of the components included in Version 3, and also adds support for new types of tables.


The EconSML family of products provides access to collections of economic scenarios in a standard XML-based file format.  There is a software API for reading and writing EconSML files, and an Excel add-in that implements the API. Some stand-alone products such as a file translator and file viewer are on the drawing board.

Under Development

Read about our plans for future products.

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